How to Cast a Love Spell
How to Cast a Love Spell

How to Cast a Love Spell

Love spells can be cast for a variety of reasons, including a desire to meet your soul mate, reuniting with a former lover, or spicing a current relationship up. Love spells are very controversial, and some people even believe them to be unethical. It’s often believed that casting a love spell on a specific person would be a way of forcing your will upon him or her, going against fate, and in the long run, causing you bad karma.

Of course everyone has their own opinion on the matter, and while I do advise to use caution if you ever want to attempt a love spell, you should always follow your heart. To be honest, I have seen a lot of bad karma resulting from a specific person having a love spell cast upon him or her, but I have also seen success. Ex back spell We each have our own experiences with love spells that we must learn from. And while I recommend only doing general love spells for the purpose of attracting a soul mate instead of trying to make a specific person fall in love with you, if your mind is already set on the latter, then go for it. If you think that any possible consequence(s) from casting a love spell will be worth it, then nothing I can say will stop you.

So how can you do a love spell? Love spells work best when they come from the heart. But if you’re not confident with your own spellcasting abilities at this point in time, then here is a powerful love spell that you can try. You’ll need:

o One large pink candle and four mini red candles. Place the pink candle in the middle of your alter, table, or floor (just don’t knock it over!). Place the red mini candles into each corner of the room-one in each quarter.

o Light some vanilla incense and place it near a window.

o Take some rose petals and throw them all around the room.

o Dress all in white clothing.

o You’ll also need an athame or a sword (be careful with them!)

This love spell, as with all love spells, are best cast on the Friday nights of either a full moon or a new moon.

After getting everything prepared to conduct a love spell, make sure you either call on the four watchtowers or perform the LBRP. If you have no idea how to do either, then I recommend you not to cast any spell whatsoever, let alone love spells.

Once you made all of the pre-spell preparations, sit in the middle of the room in front of the pink candle. Spend a few minutes meditating. Once you begin to feel some energy surrounding you, began chanting this mantra over and over again: “I call upon the powers of love and passion, Please come from above in a timely fashion. I shall have the man/woman I desire, deliver him/her to me through earth, water, air, and fire.”

The days and weeks after you cast the spell should be spent by you being positive and doing things that make you happy, and that will take your mind off of that person. Obsession toward a goal hinders the chances of love spells working successfully. Not only should you do things that make you happy so that your mind will be occupied, but you need to remain as positive and patient as possible. Love spells usually start happening by 3’s: 3 days, 3 weeks, or 3 months. The more positive your overall feelings are toward the outcome, the faster the love spell will work for you.


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