Know Google, From Netflix Chrome Plugin Development to OS
Know Google, From Netflix Chrome Plugin Development to OS

Know Google, From Netflix Chrome Plugin Development to OS

Google’s Chrome browser is in news again. After the daily updates and improvements in the rival browsers, Google seems to have fastened improvements on its side. Microsoft’s Silver-light software is weary now, as it requires users to download and install it onto their computers. You guessed it right; the news is around about Netflix joining the Chrome plugin development category. The upcoming Netflix add-on for Google will enable the streaming of movies via HTML 5. Although Google is the last browser to integrate HTML 5 functionality, among its competitors IE9 and Firefox 4, Netflix had started to implement its plan back in December 2010.

Netflix is reported to have assured Google of its services and user experience. Oreo TV Apk They assured saying that the technology will be directly delivered from Netflix servers that eliminates the need for updating, testing and so on. Netflix will directly send across updated, tested, and improved experience to the user. This release appears to be out in the right time as Google’s OS devices are set to release in the following week, tentatively.

Did I hear Google OS?

Yes, you heard it right. Google is set to release devices consorted with its owned OS. CR-48 is experimental Chrome’s OS-powered notebook computer. No one is still sure about the success; however, Google is trying hard to recover the notebook, sending updates if it stops working. Google may be on schedule to deliver the shipping Chrome OS this summer. The OS is nothing but version 11 web browsers. It includes huge memory and high on cache, as everything resides on cloud. It works with any AJAX-based website. While, you find out more on this OS, we will catch up with you offering details of the OS in our next.

Back to Plugin

Stories of Google Chrome plugin development is scattered in various areas. Recent reviews on “Echo Amazon cloud player extension” are great. It’s an MP3 player that plays from the toolbar. It is not available in the official store but can be downloaded through link circulated on various websites.

Apart from that, NIS (Norton Internet Security) Chrome plugin2012 public beta has been released and is down with poor response. It is said to have crashed five to six times in a week. Norton Confidential is basically a toolbar or a safe add-on.

What’s New?

The new update in Google Calendar is great. Although Calendar is still deprived of support for labels, it inherits calendar color. Available in small drop-down displayed next to the event title, it allows you to add specific color to special events: color red to the special date and pink to your daughter’s annual function.

Next is about the Music Beta. Google is heard of unveiling music streaming service at I/O developer conference. Users will be able to listen to the songs uploaded to the service but won’t be able to able to download them. This is a measure from Google to avoid piracy. It lets you add a personal music collection to the cloud. Your play lists are synced and easily available on other devices such as computer or tablet. You can also enjoy music, offline.

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