Safe and Unique Baby Toys – Get the Facts
Safe and Unique Baby Toys – Get the Facts

Safe and Unique Baby Toys – Get the Facts

With so many government agencies standing guard over us night and day, one would think that one could go to the store and find safe toys for their baby. Well think again because it just isn’t so. Perhaps if big brother spent a little less time listening in on our phone calls and rummaging through our personal business matters he might find a little more time to look after the kids that need looking out for.

Baby Toys With Lead

Did you know that the US government still allows toys to be shipped from China that contain lead? Sure they have mandated a certain amount that they deem to be safe but how much lead do you think is safe for your child to consume? How about none!!

Facts on Lead Toxicity

Lead consumption, even in trace amounts has been positively linked to numerous types of cancers and neurological and developmental disorders. Also, once lead enters a child’s system it stays for the life of the child, so even lead in trace amounts can accumulate over time.

Baby Toys Containing Pthalides

Can you believe that rubber baby toys Xe điều khiển từ xa containing pthalides are still on store shelves??? Hey but wait! Didn’t they decide that pthalides also cause cancer? You bet they did and the stuff is even in pacifiers and baby bottle nipples.

Government Watchdogs – Asleep at the Wheel

Once again, governments around the globe have let their people down. Even in the US government watchdogs have allowed manufacturers and marketers of poison toys plenty of time to unload their deadly product on unsuspecting consumers. So toys containing pthalides that were made or purchased before the deadline are still on store shelves today!!

100% Safe Unique Baby Toys

Now for the good news. Thanks to the Internet there are new unique baby toy venues that have loads of fantastic and fun baby toys that are 100% natural and completely devoid of any toxic materials. Kids just love to stick their toys in their mouths and with unique baby toys made from all natural materials there is never a need to worry.

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